High Pressure Hydac Inline Filter DFBNHC330TE BM 1.X/12-B3 Hydac-2

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hydac filter machine OF7S10P1M1B03E Filter unit (92164)




High pressure Hydac inline filter DFBNHC330TE BM 1.X/12-B3 Hydac Type: OF5L10P6N2B05E OF5C20P3N2B03C,OF5C20P6N2B05C,OF5C20P3N2B10C,OF5C20P6N2B20C,OF5C20P3N2B40C, OF5C21P6N2B03C,OF5C…


Product parameter:

hydac filter machine OF7S10P1M1B03E Filter unit (92164)


The filtration unit OF 7 mobile is designed to fill/filter hydraulic and lubrication tanks and to filter offline.There is also the option (Version F) to bypass the filter when emptying

Applications of OF7S10P1M1B03E hydac Machine Oil Purifier filter
Hydraulic and lubrication oil systems in a variety of industries
Convenient offline filtration
Simple to operate
Greater system availability
Reduction in Life Cycle Cost LCC

Technical specifications:

Pump type Vane pump
Max. flow rate 30/40 l/min
Voltage 230V 50Hz,380-420V 50Hz,440V-480V 60Hz
Micron 3-40μm
Operating pressure 4.5 bar max.
Viscosity range 15 … 800 mm²/s (version-dependent)
Permitted operating fluid Mineral oil (others on request)
Permitted suction pressure at suction port -0.4 bar to +0.6 bar
Fluid temperature -10 … 80 °C
Ambient temperature -20 … 40 °C
Seals NBR
Protection class IP 54
Power cable length 10m
Hoses length 3 m
Hose connections Suction hose NW 30 with lance
Pressure hose NW 25 with lance
Weight ≈ 75 kg
Sizes 900x530x850mm

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