Pure water

Pure water refers to the water without impurities, ie. Purified water or pure water. It is pure,clean and does not contain any impurities and bacteria.The pure water is made from the source water which has been filtered or processed through electrodialyzer method, ion exchange method, reverse osmosis and distillation, and is sealed in the container. It is colorless and transparent and there is no any any additives in it and can be drinkable directly.The space water and distilled water on the market are belongs to pure water.
Filtration Purpose:
1.Removing the particles,suspended solids and harmful ions.
2.Removing microorganism.
Filtration Requirements:
1.There is no fiber shedding and no any adhesive in the filters.
2.The filters have large flow rate, high strength and long life time.
3.The filters must have good bacteria removing effect.
Filtration configuration:
Filtration Process: