Aramid Felt Filter Bag

Aramid Felt Filter Bag

Product Details:

Item: Aramid Felt Filter Bag


1) Usage: Dust collector 
2) Structure: Industrial de-dusting filter bag 
3) Material: Aramid felt filter media 
4) Material: Aramid felt
5) Craft: PTFE Needled; Melted
6) Structural Shape:
Internal Filtration Style; External Filtration Style; Stainless Steel Spring ring; No Bottom; Bottom Close; Bottom With A Hole; Additional Bottom
7) After-treatment: Heat Setting/Singeing
8) Special Treatment:
Anti-Static; Water & oil Repellent; PTFE Impegnating; PTFE Membrance Coating

Physical Characteristics:

Weight/Tolerance(g/m2) 500
Thickness/Tolerance(mm) 2.4
Air Permeabillity(dm3/dm2/min@20mmH2O) 200
Typical Load@Peak(N/5cm) (DM)>900(XD)>1200
Typical Strain@Peak (DM)45%(XD)45%
Typical Strain@50N (DM)3%(XD)5%
Liner Shrinkage@230°C (DM)3%(XD)3%

Chemical Characteristics: 

Acids Resistance fair
Alkalis Resistance good
Hydrolysis Resistance fair
Oxidize Resistance fair
Abrasion Resistance excellent

Temperature Characteristics:

Maximum Operation Temperature (°C): 190(dry)

Maximum Surge Temperature (°C): 210(dry)

Appliccations Field:

Mainly used in de-dusting the exhaust of asphalt mixing station .