TR/P3266 donaldson cartrideg air filter

TR/P3266 donaldson cartrideg air filter


Features Industrial Wam Pleated Bag Filter: (1) World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters. (2) Highest filter efficiency more th…

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TR/P3266 donaldson cartrideg air filter 

I. Polyester fiber air filter cartridge
It is made of imported polyester fiber filter material and used in the fields such as powder spraying, sandblasting, paint, wood, and cement. 

II. Coated polyester air filter cartridge
It is made of imported PTFE coated polyester filter material and it has a long service life, which can up to 2 to 3 years in common operating conditions. It is applied in the filtration in such areas like the weld dust, shot peening casting, pharmacy, cement, tobacco, textile (e.g. yarn for prevention of coal ash) industries.

III. Antistatic filter cartridge 
The filter cartridge is treated with anti-static aluminum coating, which is covering the surface of the filter material with a very thin conductive aluminum coating with air permeable, to avoid electrostatic fire. It is used for dust removal in the explosion-proof working conditions.

IV. Water-proof and oil-proof filter cartridge
The filter cartridge is treated by covering the filter material with a layer of fluorine resin to prevent water, oil and pollution. It is used for filtering wet, greasy or high-concentration dust. It has a better effect on large-size dry dust.

V. Wood pulp fiber air filter cartridge
It uses air filtration composite filter paper which applied in the filtrating fields such as gas turbine, compressor, sandblasting, tobacco, fly ash and dust removal.

Common Specifications 

ModelOutside diameter of the upper-lidInside diameter of the upper-lidOutside diameter of the bottom lidDiameter of the installation holesHeight 
LFK 3266Φ324Φ213Φ324Φ14660 
LFK 3275Φ324Φ213Φ324Φ14750 
LFK 32100Φ324Φ213Φ324Φ141000 
LFK 3566Φ352Φ241Φ352Φ16660 
LFK 3575Φ352Φ241Φ352Φ16750 
LFK 35100Φ352Φ241Φ352Φ161000