Tobacco industry air filter cartridge

Tobacco industry air filter cartridge


Features Industrial Wam Pleated Bag Filter: (1) World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters. (2) Highest filter efficiency more th…

Product parameter:

Other composition of Tobacco industry air filter cartridge:

1. Gasket: Neoprene rubber, good at absolute hermetic seal, improving the durability and life. 

2. Inside cage: Galvanized steel, to prevent corrosion. 

3. Molded top: Available in a varitety of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of Tubesheet Holes. 

4. Molded bottom: Helps resist abrasive wear at the bottom of the elements.

Applications of air filter cartridge:

1. Description: Excellent performance on moist, hygroscopic, or agglomerative dust.

2 Marktets: Thermal spray, welding, mining, chemical processing, metal buffing, pharmaceutical,cement, woodworking and etc.

3. Dust types: Fumed silica, metallic fume, metallurgical powders, and etc. 

4. Available for collectors: FT dust collector, Torit DFT

5. Substitute: Donaldson, Nordic, BHA