Spun bond Polyester Cartridge Fitler P281153

Spun bond Polyester Cartridge Fitler P281153


Features Industrial Wam Pleated Bag Filter: (1) World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters. (2) Highest filter efficiency more th…

Product parameter:

Details Spunbond Polyester Cartridge Fitler P281153

Outer Diameter324 mm (12.76 inch)
Length660 mm (25.98 inch)
Media TypeSpunbond
Filter Area9.37 m² (100.86 ft²)
Inner Diameter213 mm (8.39 inch)
Temperature Limit82 °C (180 °F)
End Cap ConstructionOpen/Open
Pleat Height48 mm (1.89 inch)
Flame RetardantNo
Current BrandDonaldson Torit

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