Spun bond media filter cartridge

Spun bond media filter cartridge


Features Industrial Wam Pleated Bag Filter: (1) World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters. (2) Highest filter efficiency more th…

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Descriptions of Spun bond media filter cartridge:

Spun bond media filter cartridge has very high filtration efficiencies on fine particulate, along with high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This media provides superior dust cake release properties compared to paper media. Spun bond media is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing, powder coating or fibrous materials such as wood or fiber glass.It can also be used for many other processes, nuisance dusts and pneumatic conveying applications.

Features of Spun bond media filter cartridge:

(1) Suitable for the filtration of very, very fine dust type in welding fumes Mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industries And sticky dust collection.

(2) Imported spun bonded polyester with PTFE membrane, microscopic Offers 99.99+% filter efficiency.

(3) Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent particle release .

(4) Excellent resistance to chemical erosion.

(5) Electro chemical plate/stainless steel top and bottom, no rust Perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow.

(6) Applicable temperature: 93-135°C.