High efficiency replacement hydac oil strainer element Hydac

High efficiency replacement hydac oil strainer element Hydac


High pressure Hydac inline filter DFBNHC330TE BM 1.X/12-B3 Hydac Type: OF5L10P6N2B05E OF5C20P3N2B03C,OF5C20P6N2B05C,OF5C20P3N2B10C,OF5C20P6N2B20C,OF5C20P3N2B40C, OF5C21P6N2B03C,OF5C…

Product parameter:

Inline filter

Flow rates up to 500 l/min

Pressure levels up to 100 bar

Connections: G½ to G1½

Installation sizes: 30, 60, 110, 160, 240, 330, 660
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